Features of JahSing 2!

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JahSing 2 has added even more great new features!

JahSing 2 now has even more features that make it the most flexible Java media player around:
  • Plays more formats than ever - JahSing now plays video AVI, MPEG and DIVX formats, as well as tons of audio files: WAV, AU, MP3, OGG, FLAC, MOD, S3M, XM to name a few.

  • All-new video display and controls.

  • JahSing has even better theme support, and makes use of any Java Look and Feel libraries in your system. Just add them to your Java CLASSPATH, and JahSing can look (and feel) totally different!

  • MP3 Search - JahSing can search a directory/file system and load any MP3's it finds there; it can also load a list of MP3's from a web page pointing to their locations.

  • ID3 tag editing - Jahsing can create and modify ID3 tags for your music files. It also can automatically generate the ID3 details for MP3 tunes, based on the name of the file.

  • Album art - JahSing will display the album cover art for playing tracks!
  • Lyrics tracking  - JahSing can now automatically search for lyrics to your favourite songs on the Internet!

  • Clipboard capture - Jahsing will capture clipboard text, and add it to the current playlist. This is especially useful when picking songs to play from off of web sites, with links to MP3's elsewhere. Simply choose Copy Shortcut, and the MP3 is in JahSing, ready to play!

  • Improved sequenced MOD Play - JahSing now supports stereo play of MOD, XM, S3M and other sequenced music files - listen to those party and techno tunes you loved before MP3 was king!

  • Shoutcast stream - find and play Shoutcast streams from within Jahsing, using the Shoutcast search function.

  • Winamp Skins - change the look of the Jahsing player using Winamp skins. Jahsing is 100% compatible with Winamp skins - just download a skin and point Jahsing to the file! And now JahSing has Winamp minibar support!