Installing JahSing!

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JahSing now has a brand new cross-platform Java-based installer, which makes enjoying multi media playback on your  system even easier. With the new installer, you don't need to do any of the manual setup (although it's still included below for those who have a desire to tweak their system).

Jahsing install requires Java 1.5 upwards to be setup on your system to proceed. You can download java from the main site, and follow the steps outlined there to install it for your system. Once ava is installed,  download Jahsing and navigate to the folder with the downloaded jahsingsetup.jar file. Open the file using the Java Runtime (which should be the default action configured in your system by Java setup). You can also run the following from a command or shell prompt:

java -jar jahsingsetup.jar

to begin the JahSing setup  process. Follow the prompts.

Manual Instructions

  1. Download and install Java on your system, if it's not there already.
  2. Download and install the Java Media Framework package appropriate for your system
  3. Download the JMF MP3 plugin, and run the configuration steps to install it in your JMF environment.
  4. Download the JahSing installation zip file, and unzip into its own JahSing home directory.
  5. Download the JFFMPEG library, and run the installation steps to configure it for use by JMF.
  6. Depending on your platform (Windows or Unix/Linux), you will need to edit the jahsing.bat or files in the Jahsing home directory. Update the environment variables in the file with the corresponding values for your system:

JAHSING_HOME    - Main directory for JahSing.
JAVA_HOME           - Main directory for Java
JMF_HOME             - Main directory for JMF
OTHERLIBS            - additional libraries to be used with JahSing (e.g. Look and Feel classes). 

Java Look and Feel classes

Any Java L&F classes found in the classpath will be added to the available list for use in jahSing when the media player starts up. The Look & Feel themes available for the OS being used, as well as the standard Java Metal Look will be available out of the box.

Visit the themes page to see some of the Look and Feel classes that have been tested with JahSing.

Winamp Skins

JahSing is Winamp 2 skin-compatible, so you can use many of your legacy skins to modify and streamline the look of JahSing. Check out some of them on the themes page!