JahSing 2 - the Original All-Java Media Player!

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JahSing 2.1 is out with more features!

JahSing has been updated! JahSing 2.1 is the latest version of the original Java media player and playlist manager. With all new features, JahSing now has more of what you love:
  • 100% Java-based, so it runs - everywhere!

  • Better support for even more media formats, like MP3, AVI, OGG, FLAC, and more!

  • Not only tunes to Shoutcast radio streams, it plays them too!

  • Improved theme and skin capabilities, with Winamp 2 and Java Swing Look & Feel support!

  • Drag and drop play!

  • Online retrieval of lyrics and album art!

and lots more...

Where can I get JahSing 2?

JahSing 2 is always available for download here on jahsing.com, along with lots of information on skins, themes, media packs and online radio streams that you can now enjoy with JahSing. The latest version is on the download page, here.


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